Thursday, November 11, 2010

On the Floor

Every once in a while, I lay down on the living room floor.  It's not terribly comfortable, and sometimes I have to make room amongst the toys to find a spot.  Of course, there's one main reason I do this.  Climbing on Daddy is fun.

Yesterday, I laid down on the floor.  Isaac was busy playing with Mama, but Avery immediately came over and sat down on my back.  It didn't last long.  She explained that she was going to go get us pillows.  She came back with one pillow and a blanket.  I was told to raise my head so she could put the pillow down, then she immediately covered me up with the blanket.  She did the same for herself.  About this time, Isaac made his way over.  Ave immediately jumped up to make sure he got the same service.

Then, we all slept.

Okay, sleeping in our house isn't really sleeping (not in this context anyway).  It involves each of us making the sound "honk shoe" as though we're snoring.  This is what we did, for the next three minutes.  There are few things cuter than Isaac's newly discovered version of this phrase.  It's probably closer to an actual snore than any of the rest of us.

So, we slept.  It was the best sleep I had all week.


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