Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Why Start This Blog?

I always talk about how busy my day is.  I'm a full-time father, husband, and employee.  I have my own small business and attend school part-time.  It's easy to get overwhelmed when the to-do list gets too long or the stress gets too high.  But life has a way of reminding me of what's really important.

Sometimes the moments hit in the middle of the night, when I wake up and have no one to talk to except in my own mind.  Sometimes the moments are subtle, and other times they slap me in the face.  Whatever causes them, they are the reason I do what I do, every day.  

This blog is all about those moments.  All about the moments when all the stress is worth it, and all I can think about is how much I never want to be anywhere but where I am, right now.  Why am I writing this blog?  I look at this picture, and it's all I need to have the answer to that question.


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