Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Mean Daddy

I usually put the kids to bed.  It's not always a job I want and sometimes it's incredibly frustrating.  Last night was not one of those nights.  Both kids cooperated with brushing their teeth and we only had a minor mishap when Ave managed to spit her toothpaste a little short of the sink.  We cleaned it up and proceeded to our normal routine.

After the book and the tuck-in, the kids really didn't make a peep.  About two hours later, I went back upstairs feeling tired, sick, cold, and otherwise rather miserable.  I heard a bang coming from the kids' bedroom.  Then came another, followed by the unmistakable giggle of a certain little boy.  I opened the door to find Avery with about 8 books sitting in front of Isaac's crib.  He was standing and watching her as she was moving them from one stack to another.  She had also managed to manipulate the vaporizer and it was now going at full-steam.  

Of course, I had to be mean Daddy.  I told Avery that she couldn't touch the vaporizer.  I asked if she woke up Isaac and she admitted to it.  I told her she couldn't do that either.  I had to take the books away, in spite of her pleading and explained that it's now too late to read and she needed to get to sleep (this was almost midnight).

Isaac's smile only got bigger when I walked into the room.  It was really party time now.  But in perfect Isaac fashion, he went from the big smile to the fading eyes as soon as I laid him back down.

Another round of night-time music.  I exit to Avery's cries and go back in to give her one more hug.  It's all she really needed.  I couldn't really be upset.  They were both adorable.  But I played the part well.  And both kids went to sleep.


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